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More than 28 million Americans currently have some degree of hearing loss, from mild to severe and the number is expected to reach an astounding 78 million by 2030 (source: Newsweek). The threat of hearing loss--and the need for prevention--isn't limited to a single age group. We are all caught in the constant roar of the 21st century. Headphones, iPods, TVs, movie theaters, dance clubs, and rock concerts are all getting bigger and louder. Recent studies have shown an increased incidence of hearing loss among the general public, and at an earlier age. And yet, at the same time, awareness around prevention is still very low throughout the world.

DJs and musicians, as well as those that attend music events, are especially at risk. Dance clubs and rock concerts easily reach the 110-120 decibel range, which causes damage after just 15 minutes of exposure. Noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus (the permanent ringing in the ears) are gradual and cumulative, and are currently irreversible. In other words, you usually aren't aware you have a problem until it's too late. As hearing degrades, the enjoyment of music becomes more and more difficult. And even more problematic, the ability to effectively communicate with society becomes a harsh reality.


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