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In 2002, Dallas-based DJ/Producer Jason Vasilas first noticed a persistent ringing in his ears after a week-long effort mastering his first professional record. A trip to the doctor and the diagnosis was Tinnitus. Intent to stop the progression of the condition, Vasilas purchased a pair of Musician's Earplugs and has used them religiously ever since.

In that same year, with realization that awareness of noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus was virtually non-existent in the DJ community, Vasilas founded Sound Advice Earplugs, and through the help of sub-contracted audiologists, began providing his custom high fidelity earplugs to other local DJs and musicians.

In the decade that followed, Vasilas went on to have a successful professional DJ career, releasing twenty dance music singles, traveling to exotic locations throughout the world to headline all night parties, and hosting a number of local events in his home town.

With a reprioritization of life, Vasilas now finds himself in yet another phase of involvement in the industry -- as advocate for hearing loss research. "While I'm a firm believer in prevention, it can only take us so far. It's time for breakthroughs in science that will restore hearing. This is what FREQUENCY stand for."

The genesis of FREQUENCY came during Vasilas' participation in the Self Expression and Leadership Program, put on by Landmark Education. Landmark Education is a personal development training program designed to bring about a fundamental shift or transformation in what is possible in people's lives, empowering them to achieve their personal goals.


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